Advanced Bike Mechanics Workshop

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Advanced Bike Mechanics Workshop

Saturday April 1, Morning 


Are you confident at basic bike mechanics and keen to develop your skills? This workshop will look at advanced bike mechanics and will be led by Wilker Soares, of Willy’s Wheels. We have eight tickets available. 

 We aim to cover: 

  • Wheel hub maintenance 
  • Bottom bracket maintenance 
  • Bleeding hydraulic brakes
  • Maintaining and replacing disc brake rotors 
  • Replacing and adjusting derailleurs 
  • Indexing gears 


What to bring 

  • Your bike 
  • A bike stand will be useful but not essential 


Time: 0900-1300, Saturday April 1 

Venue: Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Road, Islington, N7 8RH 

We don't accept refunds for ICC events, please use the forum to offer your ticket to other members