Bike Box 1

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This is to hire Bike Box Number 1

We have a number of hard shell bike boxes that can be hired for £10 per week.


  • There are 4 bike boxes available for booking
  • They're all booked as individual rented items, so if one doesn't have your available dates, check another.
  • Select one of the available boxes, pick the number of weeks required and the start date. If the box you've selected doesn't have available dates, please try another. If your dates are unavailable on any box, then they're unfortunately unavailable. The system will automatically add 1 day before and after your dates for box collection, you don't need to add them yourself.
  • Place your order and pay.
  • Check the calendar at the bottom of this forum post to confirm who to collect your box from and contact them at least 7 days before your planned trip.
  • When viewing the calendar 1 x Bike Box 1 1 = Bike Box 1 for 1 week, 1 x Bike Box 3 3 would mean Bike Box 3 for 3 weeks. Click on a calendar item to find out who has the box and their contact details.
  • When your booking is complete, please look after the bike box for the next member, who'll be in contact prior to their booking.
  • For booking issues, please contact

Terms of use

  • Eligibility: Only current members of the club may hire a bike box.
  • Number: A member may only hire one bike box at a time.
  • Duration: A member may not hire a bike box for a period of longer than three weeks.
  • Cost: Hire costs £10 per week.
  • Administration: You are solely responsible for making arrangements to collect, and to pass on, any bike box which you hire so as to ensure that the hire arrangement operates efficiently. If you improperly retain any bike box for longer than your allotted hire period you may lose your right to hire a bike box in future, and, in exceptional circumstances, your membership of the club may be suspended.
  • Liability: The club does not accept any liability for any loss of, or damage to, any of your possessions (including your bicycle) while it is in the bike box, or for the cost of hiring a bike box from a third party if you are unable to collect the relevant bike box in the manner described above.
  • Loss and damage: You are responsible for the box during your period of hire. If the box is lost or damaged during that time, or appears to be damaged when you collect it, email as soon as possible. 
  • Cancellations: If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, email as soon as possible.