First Aid for Cyclists - Edited: 22 April 2023

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We are bringing Green Box First Aid Training back for their First Aid for Cyclists course, available exclusively for ICC members. Only 12 tickets available to book!

This popular course will cover the essentials (and beyond) of first aid training and takes into account what we, as cyclists, are most likely to face during a medical emergency on the road (and just how many ways can you use your bike tools in first aid anyway?).

The day of training concludes with a short multiple choice test and the awarded first aid certificate is valid for three years.

Come learn how to handle everything from minor cuts to significant trauma. Your club mates will thank you!



22 April (please note, this is a rescheduling of the 4 March session)

10:00am to 4:00pm

Ringcross Community Centre

60 Lough Rd, London N7 8RH

Maximum 12 participants

We don't accept refunds for ICC events, please use the forum to offer your ticket to other members


Feedback from our last course:

"It was my first ever first aid course but I think it was brilliant, Paul was very thorough and also made the class very entertaining (even though the reality of things is not that pleasant!) but in any case I think it was spot on and made us learn, think and realise a lot of things."

"That was an excellent session; I'd done some first aid training a long time ago but thought this one was a lot better; not just because of the fellow ICCers but also an excellent instructor indeed!"

"This course was by far the best first aid course I’ve attended. Paul was very engaging, made it relatable and realistic, and gave us a confident structure to follow to prioritise the right actions for an incident if we come across one."